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Since 1994 Chupond has supplied OEM's throughout the world with quick-turn, hi-rel, and competively priced sockets, connectors and presicion turned Swiss components. We are proud of our reputation for high quality products, excellent service and innovative engineering. In our 36 years of experience, we have pioneered the economical mass-production of such products as DIP, PGA, PLCC, pin header, SIMM, zig-zag sockets and connectors. We have ongoing relationships with most of the leading computer makers as well as the manufacturers of other electronics devices. Chupond provides its customers with strict quality control through world class facilities to guarantee the highest quality products. Furthermore, our R&D center continues to develop advanced products, efficient processes and constantly improve on our existing processes to meet today's sophisticated market requirements. Chupond desires to become not merely just your supplier, but rather, your lifelong design and production partner.


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